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Millrun 20kg

Millrun is a by-product from the milling of wheat for flour production.

Millrun is the most common by-product of flour manufacturing available for livestock feeding. It consists of the bran, aleurone, germ and pollard fractions.

The wheat seed consists of various layers. The outermost layer is the bran fraction and under this is the aleurone layer. The germ, which is at the base of the seed, is high in fat, fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and minerals. Under the aleurone layer, and constituting most of the seed mass, is the endosperm composed of thin walled cells packed with starch intermixed with gluten.

The objective during the milling process is to remove as much as possible of the starch and gluten from the bran, aleurone and germ fractions.

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